Garuda matrimonial Thiruvananthapuram City

Garuda matrimonial Thiruvananthapuram City
Mr. Jayakumar
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Garuda matrimonial
G.K. Buildings
East Fort
Garuda is an multinational matrimonial service provider, with over 22 years of expertise. Which deals in matrimonial subjects with more than 32 branches all over the world. We have spread happiness to people who were waiting to find the right one. We have a team of highly experienced personnel with 100% dedication and sincerity towards service to focus our attention to the benefit of Indians worldwide.
The customers are fully free to select proposals from the files in bundle, on the basis of bio-data’s with photo. Their interest will be conveyed to the other side and we obtain their response. Unlike other matrimonial service bureaus, we arrange for the contact between them, if both the parties are interested in the mode of their convenience.